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148 years after the world collapses a new and better society is living in harmony with nature, hoping that they won’t repeat the mistakes of their ancestors.
Amiya is a sixteen year old girl who doesn’t believe that she belongs to this place and dreams about escaping every day.
One day the sudden appearance of an Aaskouandy object is going to change the status-quo on the Island and make Amiya question her dream to swim beyond the fog and leave everyone behind.

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US : UK : DE : FR : ES : IT : NL : JP : BR : CA : MX : AU : IN

Амир е роден и израснал като принц с единственото задължение да се ожени за жената определена от баща му. След като избягва от сватбата си, той разкрива семейна тайна, която го изпраща на приключение около света и през времето.

С тази тайна настъпва край на лесния живот и начало на кръстопът между семейна чест и правото на света да разбере истината.

This book is in Bulgarian only and doesn’t have an English translation at the moment.

Amir was born and raised like a prince with the only obligation to marry the woman his father chooses for him. After running away from his wedding he discovers an old family secret that takes him on a journey around the world and through time. Everything was easy for him until the faith of the world as we know it rests on his shoulders and his family tree.

August 20, 2017