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Why I write

There is a story behind every book. Thinking about writing just for the sake of writing is wrong. Writing for money sounds good but unless you are a freelancer every writer needs an idea behind the book if he wants to be an author. What is the story behind my book? Why did I want to become a writer? There are numerous reasons but if I look closely maybe I can narrow them down to a handful of important ones.

Since I can remember myself I wanted to be a journalist. It was my dream and my goal. I did everything I could to get my Bachelor Degree in Journalism to realize that this is a job like every other job. You have a boss who wants you to do something. In this case report an event. But like in every other job there are company rules and politics behind it, that are regulating the way you are going to proceed with your task for the day. My unfortunate realization that I don’t want to work for a news corporation left me alone in an empty room that had no windows but plenty of locked doors.

There are a couple of things a like doing – writing, traveling, making movies, reading a book while drinking my cup of coffee, running, hiking or going to the beach and learning about religions and everything that formed our society the way it is today.

Fancy clothes and expensive restaurants and vacations in resorts are not what I am looking for. I like traveling to new places but I don’t care where I am staying. I prefer tasting the real spirit of the place than being isolated in a resort. I am happy in my studio apartment and because I am single I don’t need a bigger one. Do I want a house? Do I want a fancy car? Do I want a lot of money? Do I want to be a millionaire? I don’t know.

What’s the idea behind me being a writer and behind the book I am writing right now?

I want to write about peace, war, religion, sustainable living, overpopulation and overconsumption. I believe that human society crossed the limits of our planet and we are going to pay for it. I want to stop this.

That’s why I decided to write books and screenplays and imply my ideas in them. Show the people subconsciously that war is not the way to peace. Gandhi did it. Why can’t I? Once I realized what I want I can finally arrange my life around it. Because at the end of the day what matters? I will be gone one day and now is the time to choose my way. Do I want to leave something behind me?

I lost a lot of time wondering around what to do and why do I want to do it. I think I finally found the answer. I love my Planet. I want to help my Planet survive the disaster called Human.

I believe that this world can be saved without destroying it first. I believe that we are different but a simple respect and knowledge about other traditions can help us communicate and get along with each other. I believe that world peace is possible and you don’t need weapons to achieve it. I believe that we need to respect our Planet and stop taking her for granted.